Where Can We Find the Best Cannabis?

You have probably not thought about where you can find the best marijuana weed because you believe that weed is the same no matter where you get it. However, growing cannabis has brought about great nurturing and perfect batches of harvest, and this is because the weed grower applied care and attention while breeding the weed.

You can find the best cannabis strains in different locations as far as the region they are growing is decriminalized. The best cannabis can be just anywhere, and most countries can make more money from selling weed than others because of their legalization rights, dedication, and climate condition. Read further to see where you can find some of the best marijuana.

Which Top Countries Grow the Best Weed?

Which Top Countries Grow the Best Weed

More than ten countries deserve the accolade for growing the best cannabis. Some of them are as follows:

1. Netherlands

Best Cannabis

Amsterdam, Netherlands, grows one of the best weeds. Their cannabis is for recreational and medicinal purposes. Their CBD products are all legalized, and weed growers in this location are free to grow their weed. The Netherlands is popular as the weed capital of the world as they have one of the biggest tourist areas for the marijuana industry.

The Netherlands might not have the best climate to grow cannabis. They have the same weather conditions as the United Kingdom. But, they can still cultivate the weed that stands out best because they have the authority to grow their weed. Weed growers in this region can buy marijuana seed strains and make the most of cultivating them to become the best. Even with their uncertain weather conditions, the Netherlands has varieties of weeds because the marijuana seed breeders just know the right things to do.

2. Afghanistan

CBD products in Afghanistan are legal. They are known for growing one of the best recreational and medicinal marijuana, just like the Netherlands. People also place them on the map as one of the largest cannabis producers in the globe. Fortunately, they have one of the best climates, which makes it even easier for weed breeders to grow new strains. Most plant scientists believe that cannabis started in Afghanistan. Their popular strain Afghan Kush is to die for. You can buy Afghani strains online and try them.

3. Mexico

In Mexico, all weed is decriminalized. They recently implemented cannabis for medicinal purposes to tackle some disturbing health problems. They are on the cannabis map as the biggest global marijuana market based on popularity and the best climate to breed and nurture high-quality cannabis seed strains. Some of their most celebrated marijuana strains include Chronic, Mexican Sativa, and Kush. It might also interest you that the common term ‘marihuana’ is a Mexican phrase for cannabis.

4. Nigeria

It is illegal to grow weed in Nigeria. The country is on the best weed map as a top-ranked even though it attracts punishment for producing or selling CBD products. About 10% of the adult population uses cannabis in the country. There are claims that in 2019, Nigeria was on the list as the top best weed-consuming country globally.

5. USA

Most states in America legalize weed, while others are still waiting for legislation. While some states can produce recreational and medicinal weed without getting into trouble, others cannot. The United States of America is one of the best in weed production.

There are 50 states in the US, and each of these States has different approaches to marijuana decriminalization. The weather is perfect for cultivating the best weed in places like Idaho. But, you will have to go to jail for an entire year if caught. However, you can find the best weeds in California as people here can grow them legally.

6. Canada

It is legal to cultivate and sell weeds in Canada. The government made it legal in 2018, and since then, Canada’s recreational marijuana has gotten them on the list as the best places to get quality cannabis. In Canada, you can cultivate up to 5 cannabis plants and purchase marijuana seeds from selected shops.

7. Colombia

In Colombia, Recreational, medicinal, and CBD products are legalized. Everyone already knows Columbia as a country popular for the cocaine business, so marijuana is just one of those things they are known for. The country’s legislature decriminalized marijuana in Columbia to help manage drug trafficking issues. They not only have the right to carry on with their weed business in Columbia, but their climate is perfect for weed cultivation.

8. UK

You might get confused about how weed growers and consumers operate in the United Kingdom. For medicinal purposes, cannabis is slightly legal, and CBD products have full legality. But, recreational cannabis is not legal. The UK’s weather is good for cultivating weeds, but you need to grow them on industrial farms.

Since weed is slightly illegal in this region, you should not depend on getting anything other than medicinal weed. An industrial farm known as GW by Chris Tovey is doing so well in growing medicinal cannabis in the UK. The farm is large, with up to 34 pitches, and cannabis grown on the farm is only for medicinal use. They even have marijuana for treating epilepsy.

9. Jamaica

You can find the best medicinal and recreational weeds in Jamaica. The country has the vibe for the best marijuana strains. Their religious routine includes the Rastafarians enjoying the dry herb. The country’s weather condition is perfect for growing cannabis, and it is a free place to get the best weeds.


If you are living in any of the locations listed in this guide, then getting the best cannabis should not be a problem anymore. However, if cannabis is illegal in your country, it would be best to respect the law than do things that attract punishments. If recreational or medicinal cannabis is not legal in your country, you can look elsewhere, especially if you plan to grow your weed.

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