What Are High THC Level Marijuana Strains?

The level of THC in cannabis increases as weed growers discover more strains. In 2003, the THC composition in cannabis was about 6.4%. Many years later, it increased to 16%. Currently, marijuana is high in THC, up to about 34%. It cannot be higher than this because of other cannabis components, such as minerals and proteins. There are Marijuana strains with a higher THC composition than others. But, this can depend on some factors. Read further to know about them.

What Strains of Cannabis Have High THC Compositions?

What Strains of Cannabis Have High THC Compositions

Some weed strains have high THC levels, while others have low and moderate THC compositions. Before you think about a strain with the highest THC content, you must understand what is regarded as the THC cannabis rate.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse for 2021’s yearly report suggests that cannabis is getting more potency due to its high THC level. Therefore, there is more THC content in cannabis now than in past years. When the THC level is around 18%, you can classify them as moderate THC. But a THC level above 20% is considered high.

How Do You Know THC Content Is High in a Cannabis Plant?

How Do You Know THC Content Is High in a Cannabis Plant

Knowing the THC composition in marijuana relies on certain factors, such as the amount of light the plant gets, the conditions of the soil, and the humidity and temperature of the breeding surrounding. This is to say that cannabis of the same strain that grows in different places can have different compositions of THC.

It might be impossible for you to Identify a unique cannabis strain with the highest THC content, but a specific variety of cannabis strains can contain a very high THC. With the current THC content ranging between 30% to 34%, you will hardly see marijuana plants containing more than 34% THC. Even if you find cannabis at this rate, it might be due to a testing error.

Therefore, the practical THC maximum in marijuana plants is strictly 34%, so there can be room for minerals and proteins, which are also components of a potent cannabis plant. Also, some strains with the highest THC contents are the older ones that changed with time.

What Cannabis Strain Contains High THC Levels from the Topest Ranking?

Some cannabis strains with the strongest THC content include:

1. Godfather OG

If you have ever heard about the world’s most potent cannabis Indica strain, you have probably heard about Godfather OG. Weed growers discovered the strain and named it the strongest amongst other marijuana strains in 2022. According to another report, Godfather OG plants contain the highest THC compositions, up to 34%.

When you smoke Godfather OG, the most experience you will not forget so soon is a head high that gradually sets your body up in euphoria. This makes you excited and free of worries. The effect controls your mind and body, resulting in relaxation and calmness.

2. Grease Monkey

Grease Monkey is a cannabis strain that is the dominant Indica species of marijuana. With its 31% level of THC, this strain can make you feel high upon consumption. Weed growers created Grease Monkey by crossbreeding 26% THC compositions of Cream and Cookies with about 25% to 30% Gorilla Glue. You can gradually feel the effects of taking this cannabis at the back of your eye as it slowly moves to other parts of your body. The head high usually brings about a perfect calming of the mind.

3. L’Orange

L’Orange is cannabis with a THC level of about 25 to 30%. They create the feeling of creativity, energy, and head high. With its THC content reaching 30%, L’Orange is on the top-ranking list of cannabis strains with high potency. This strain is also a dominant terpene (caryophyllene). A small amount of terpene can be a blast as it gives high THC that can improve mood and relaxation.

4. Bruce Banner

The content of THC in Bruce Banner ranges between 20% to 30%, with an average CBD level. It is a dominant Myrcene that causes relaxation, creativity, agility, and euphoria in people consuming it through smoking or ingestion. However, people who take Bruce Banner might behave differently depending on their amount or their tolerance for consuming mind-high substances.

Unsurprisingly, this energetic strain is one of the most potent cannabis in the industry. With their herbaceous aroma, they are the perfect strain for people who want to relax their minds and worry about nothing.

5. Pacman OG

Pacman OG is also an Indica-dominant weed strain that has made it to one of the strongest cannabis varieties on the list. Consumers of this strain enjoy it because of the high THC, which is about 29%. The feeling you get from smoking or ingesting this cannabis is often euphoric and complete body and mind relaxation.

In addition, high-quality cannabis is a valuable commodity to many weed growers and consumers. For this reason, weed cultivators are putting more effort into creating strains of peculiar buds with the strongest THC. If you have cannabis seed strains with high THC contents that range between 25 to 30%, you may likely grow one of the highest strains with high THC amounts.

If you plan to buy weed online, find those with top-rated values. Some apps can help you discover the best cannabis with potent THC amounts. If you have imagined creating unique strains, you can select top marijuana strains with the strongest compositions of THC and crossbreed them. You can never tell what exciting harvest awaits you at the end of the day.


Most people want strong marijuana Sativa or Indica strains for different reasons. Some people tolerate consuming cannabis with high THC; some need them for medical purposes, while others want to explore their talent in crossbreeding powerful strains. Whatever your reason for seeking high THC-level cannabis strains, you now know some of them, and you should go for them.

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