The advantages of CBD autoflower seeds for growing

You might hesitate to grow an auto-flowering seed because it can be time-consuming to nurture the plant. But it can be easier than you think. Aside from CBD cannabis, getting quality The advantages of CBD autoflower seeds for growing reviews, the seed has also attracted attention in recent years. However, most weed growers still refrain from trying CBD strains because they still think of the seed as a component of the previous generation. They fail to understand that CBD autoflower has progressed so much, giving all weed growers a better option for cultivating them. If you are still trying to decide whether to grow CBD auto-flowering seeds, here are some advantages that might help you change your mind.

What exactly are cbd autoflower seeds?

cbd autoflower seeds

CBD autoflowering strains use the marijuana subspecies known as Ruderalis to generate cannabis plants that grow and bud without using external help such as photoperiod or light. Instead of a light and dark schedule, this cannabis strain relies solely on its life cycle. Because Ruderalis are Central Asian breeds with different light conditions than other places, CBD auto-flowering is not dependent on the amount of light they receive.

Autoflowering Cannabis strains are useful outdoor crops that weed growers will like due to their quick harvest. Most weed plants are photoperiodic, which makes their harvest longer, but CBD auto-flowering cannabis is different, making it easy to manage in every aspect. If you are a beginner in the weed-growing business, you will want to grow this resilient plant. Generally, Ruderalis contains cannabinoids in high concentration, making auto-flowering traits a great choice for people hoping to get relief from symptomatic conditions.

What are the advantages of growing cbd autoflowering seeds?

1. Quick harvest

Quick cannabis harvest

When you plant a CBD auto-flowering cannabis seed, the harvest will be sooner than expected because of its unique short flowering cycle, unlike other photoperiodic strains. Photoperiodic marijuana strains can take up to 5 months to get to their flowering stage, depending on their hybrid, while strains of autoflowering cannabis get to their mature phase in 8 to 10 weeks. Therefore, once your auto-flowering marijuana seed begins germinating, you will only have a few weeks to harvest the precious buds.

In addition, the quick harvest happens mostly when you decide to grow Sativa strains. While growing a photoperiodic Sativa can take up to 5 months before harvest, an auto-flowering Sativa strain will have a quicker harvest. Whether you consider outdoor or indoor cultivation, the harvest asset of a CBD auto-flowering strain remains significant.

2. Each season produces a greater harvest

If you are a weed grower, it feels great to harvest your cannabis plant repeatedly. Because CBD auto-flowering cannabis matures faster, you can harvest more in a single season. In a normal marijuana growing condition, marijuana growers can only carry out one harvest per season.

However, depending on the climate, auto-flowering traits allow you to harvest more per season. If you cultivate your CBD strains in conditions with colder, shorter summers, then the weed will be ready for harvest around mid-July and not in September or October, as it should be in a natural cannabis-growing environment.

3. They are easy to grow

Growing CBD auto-flowering cannabis seeds is simple because they contain robust Ruderalis traits. Growing them differs from other cannabis strains because you do not need to pay attention to their light schedule. They are naturally flexible and can tolerate conditions associated with a cold climate. Ruderalis grow in tough environments and pass their genetics on to auto-flowering strains.

Growing CBD auto-flowering marijuana seeds is a breeze. They withstand diseases, and cannabis breeding beginners will have fewer hassles throughout the plant’s cultivation phase. Weed growers who want to attempt new skills and become experts in their craft can do so if they opt for more picky hybrids.

4. They have small-scale management

Autoflowering hybrids range from 1 to 1.2 meters in length, making them a good strain for outdoor and indoor growers. So, if you want a strain that you can grow indoors, auto-flowering is a great choice because it manages space well and has a low height. Also, if you want to grow them outside, in a well-hidden and stealthy plantation, it can work for you. They are smaller in size than many cannabis strains, and they are appropriate for cultivating in garden beds, balconies, and cupboards.

5. They are suitable for steady growth

CBD auto-flowering strains are perfect for you if you want to grow your weed without others knowing what you are doing. They are good for outdoor gardeners trying to avoid stigmatization from their neighbors or hide their crops from thieves. If you are growing a Sativa tree up to 2 meters in height, then the people you are trying to hide from will notice your cannabis plant.

However, if you can remain discreet with a CBD auto-flowering plant just 1 meter in height, you can grow them among crop varieties like tomatoes or on your balcony or terrace. Their unique and stealthy characteristics make them highlights for unauthorized weed cultivators out there.

6. They resist diseases and weather problems

Their ability to resist weather and disease problems makes it easy to breed cannabis strains. You can order CBD auto flower seeds of any kind for any weather condition, and you are sure to get good results. However, they do best in colder weather and resist all kinds of crop diseases.

If you experience diseases such as pests, mildew, fungi, pathogens, and moulds when growing other plants, consider growing auto-flowering cannabis strains in the same place and watching them resist these diseases. The plants can resist weather and diseases because of the presence of R. Ruderalis in them. They are ideal for beginning weed growers, as they do not need to stress themselves at any level.


There are so many benefits of CBD auto flower seeds that you should consider if you have given up on growing weed all this time due to fear or a lack of motivation. The plant is easy to grow, yields multiple harvests, and is perfect for stealth growers.

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