How to Identify Afghani Strains?

The Afghani Kush strain is one of the most renowned and celebrated commercial cannabis genetics in the industry. They are long-standing strains grown in an excluded Afghanistan mountain. Afghanistan is a beautiful country in Central Asia, and nearly half of the mountain has a wide range of Kush strains with more than 6,000m peaks. The legendary mountain has been like this for centuries. If you want an Afghani strain, you should know some relevant things.

How to Identify Afghani Strain

Before you identify an Afghani strain, there are questions to answer. Let’s see some of them here:

1. What Are the Features and Origins of Afghan Strains?

What Are the Features and Origins of Afghan Strains

While many centuries have passed, Afghan strains have adjusted to certain conditions like weather, which has affected their features. The weather in the Hindu Kush mountains varies from time to time, and it can cause Afghan cannabis to grow as short-sized, dark, robust, pressed potent buds, big leaves, and wide strains.

Sometimes, their leaves can be larger than those of cannabis growing in tropical regions with darker green colors and unique resin compositions. The strains in the Hindu Kush mountains are traditionally harsh. For instance, if you buy Afghani strains online, you need to grow them in extreme weather conditions. Afghan strains are potent dark hash strains with a strong flavor.

2. How Does the Climate Influence the Behaviour of Afghan Strains?

How Does the Climate Influence the Behaviour of Afghan Strains

As mentioned earlier, the climate in the Kush mountains makes them develop various characteristics that are usually not there. They also have unique vegetative behaviors, such as their auto-flower phase. Afghan Kush changes according to mid-desert climate regions away from the celestial equator. Therefore, only one flowering is certain in a year. The flowering season can still change depending on the zone.

For instance, in northern Afghanistan, it can be from April to May, while the central/northern Afghanistan, it can be around May to June. According to their cultivation time, weed growers can harvest cannabis from October to December depending on the type of strain, the grower’s preferences, and the change in the climate. With this zonal influence, the flowering cycle of the Afghan kush strain is incomparably faster than strains from tropical zones, including Southern Asia, South America, and Central America.

3. How Did Afghan Strains Gain Popularity?

Afghan strains have evolved in a few centuries, and their unique growth in secluded Hindu Kush mountains dates back to the mid-90s. Hippie pilgrims journeyed to Nepal and India, passing through Afghanistan on a spiritual journey.
While the visitors came in contact with local people in the area, they tasted Afghan marijuana.

Since then, they kept returning to their regions in America and Holland with cannabis seeds of Afghan strains to try and grow them by themselves. Over time, everyone who tasted the strong earthy flavor of Afghan kush fell in love with it. It has since become a worldwide celebrated cannabis by many consumers. Nowadays, people in the Marijuana business are discovering more strains of Afghan kush with improved taste and potency.

Within a short period, the best marijuana cannabis growers have produced the recent classical exotic strains, including Northern Lights, AK 47, and Skunk. These delicatessens have other genetic hybrids that are currently on the cannabis market. After forty years after the pilgrim scenario, Afghan strains keep expanding in popularity as consumers cannot get enough of this invaluable strain.

4. What Is the Current Production of Afghan Strains in Afghanistan?

It is good to know about the yearly yield of marijuana seeds of Afghan strains in the country. In Afghanistan, their main highlight is premium hash production. Presently, the companies with the international ranking of hash products are countries in Asia. They do better than Morocco, which has a lower yield because of their weather. Their yearly marijuana hectares are up to 35,000.

5. Which Afghan Strain Is Used for Hash?

All Afghan strains have the strong effects needed for hash production. However, some locations in Afghanistan, especially the steep hillsides, are known for their amazing strains, including Watani, Mazari, and various Logari Shadani cannabis flowers.

Nowadays, many believe that marijuana diversity in the Hindu Kush has lowered greatly more than a few decades ago. There might not be concrete proof to these claims, but people can see how the frequent actions and the rate of armed conflict have affected nature. If there is strife in a particular place, everything, including natural things, suffers heartbreaking consequences.

This also has to do with the annihilation of more than a hundred cannabis strains in the Hindu Kush region that previously improved the Afghanistan landscape’s regional, plant, and animal diversity. However, despite human mistakes and violations, marijuana strains like the Gea Seeds still grow perfectly in the Kush region.

6. What Are Some of the Best Afghan Strains in the Marijuana Market?

  • Afghan Hash Plant Regular
  • Afghan Express
  • Afghan Kush X Yumbolt
  • Super Skunk
  • Afghan Kush X White Widow
  • Afghan Kush
  • Afghan Kush X Skunk
  • Afghan Skunk
  • Afghani 1 Feminizada
  • Afghani 1 Regular
  • Northern Lights
  • Afghani1 Automatic
  • Auto Afghan Skunk
  • Hash Plant Regular
  • Afghanica Regular
  • Hindu Kush
  • Auto Afghan Mass
  • Master Kush
  • Afghan Haze Regular
  • Master Kush
  • Mazar
  • Afghan Kush Regular
  • Purple Afghan Kush
  • Mota Khan Afghana
  • SAD Sweet Afghani Delicious S1
  • Afghan Haze Regular

7. What Are the Best Cannabis Seed Banks You Can Buy Afghan strains from?

  • Barney’s Farm
  • Advanced Seeds
  • Dinafem
  • Buddha Seeds
  • Delicious Seeds
  • Eva Seeds
  • Dutch Passion
  • Gea Seeds
  • Sensi Seeds
  • White Label
  • Positronics
  • Mr.Nice
  • Sweet Seeds


You may want to try out the popular Afghani strain everyone is praising or add them to your weed-growing experiment. Identifying an Afghani strain depends on several factors, such as their peculiar buds, historical significance, and unique, strong taste. Their seed strains are powerful, and their flowering stage responds to climate change. If weed is legal in your country, you can buy Afghani strains online and grow them yourself or smoke them if you want.

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