Everything you need to know about cannabis seeds

It is important to learn about cannabis seeds if you want to become a cannabis grower. You should also be aware that there are numerous sellers of low-quality seeds, which, when used, can result in failed crops or a poor harvest. This article will reveal the most important things you need to know about cannabis seeds.

What you need to know about cannabis seeds

The male and female reproductive systems of cannabis plants are typically located on different plants. This means that they are dioecious. For female plants to grow, they must be placed far away from the male. If they are close, they may get pollinated by the male plant, which can hinder their ability to reproduce cannabis of high quality.

The growing of seedless female flowers is done without males. Such a flower is where the potent marijuana found in your neighborhood dispensary comes from. For a female plant to reproduce, pollination of the flower is required from a male plant.

The female flower then makes seeds after pollination.

There are also cannabis plants with both female and male reproductive organs. They are referred to as hermaphrodites and can self-pollinate their flowers and produce pollen.

How are cannabis seeds made?

Commercial growers prefer cannabis flowering plants without seeds. However, some growers are also interested in selling seeds to the expanding home cultivation market. The production of cannabis seed starts with the male plant’s pollen grain. This grain develops a pollen tube that creates male generative cells. These cells disseminate as pollen.

The pistils fall off, and the seed starts to germinate once the pollen enters the female plant’s ovule. The bracts that contain the ovules will then split open, dispersing the seeds. Since pollen fertilizing eggs naturally results in seeded plants, producing cannabis seeds is a matter of allowing nature to take control.

Different types of cannabis seeds

types of cannabis seeds

For cultivators of cannabis plants, there are three types of cannabis seed. Below are the three types of cannabis seeds and their benefits.

1. Regular cannabis seeds

Growing Cannabis seeds

A male and a female plant produce regular seeds. For this reason, the gender of the plant will be unknown until it begins flowering. You must separate the males from the females if you want to produce high-quality buds that contain cannabinoids.

Male plants can’t produce flowers that release cannabinoids, so they are discarded because the end product is not worthwhile to consumers. However, there are other benefits to male plants. One benefit of male plants is the production of a soft material that is helpful in the manufacture of hemp.

Males provide the soft and strong fiber required for hemp products like shoes, clothing, and everyday items used in the house. Male plants are also capable of producing aromatic oils, which are excellent for smothering pests in gardens.

Advantages of regular Cannabis seeds:

  • One of the other applications for seeds is hemp production.
  • Unlike feminized seeds, regular seeds are free of chemical agents.
  • They produce both sexes so that new seeds can be created.
  • They are genetically unaltered, making them 100% pure.

2. Feminized cannabis seeds

Growers looking for cannabis strains with a high level of concentration will find female cannabis seeds to be ideal. Rather than reproducing, the unfertilized female uses her energy to produce rich cannabinoids.

Feminized seeds are also superior in terms of functionality, which makes things easier for the grower. Growers won’t need to produce twice as many plants because it is unnecessary to produce and remove male plants. You can maximize your growing space by doing this, which also saves time and money.

Advantages of feminized Cannabis seeds:

  • It does not require sex.
  • Sensimilla, which creates weed products that appeal to consumers, is produced by female plants.
  • You can maximize your growing space by allowing the necessary seeds to germinate.
  • It helps remove male plants and saves time.

3. Auto-flowering seeds

Auto-flowering seeds are a good option for people who are new growers of cannabis. Plants will start to flower once they reach a specific stage, usually within ten weeks. The life cycle of an auto-flowering seed can be completed with just a little sunlight. This simplifies the growing process for growers and saves time.

Auto-flowering seeds can unwind and let the plant grow independently instead of giving it a few hours of daylight and darkness each day. New growers are advised to use this seed variety because it requires less upkeep and grows more quickly.

With strong genetics, the auto-flowering seed is also renowned for its resilience. As a result, they can withstand mold and insect infestations while growing in your backyard.

Advantages of auto-flowering Cannabis seed:

  • Grows faster
  • has a low light requirement, making plant scheduling easier for owners.
  • A strong plant that can defend itself from common problems in gardens

Factors that affect the quality of cannabis seeds

There is no single factor that can result in high-quality cannabis seed. All the factors need to work together, as each plays an important role in the seed quality produced. Generally, these are the three most important factors commonly associated with the quality of cannabis seeds:

  • Genetics: An average yield is the best you can hope for when you plant a seed without good genetics.
  • Storage: Seeds should be kept in a cool, dark place. You can immediately freeze them or use them within a year. If not, there is a chance that the seeds will be exposed to pathogens and spoil.
  • Maturity: Ensure that the seed you want to plant is fully mature.


Once cannabis seeds successfully germinate, they are ready to be planted and grown. Regular, feminized, and auto-flowering cannabis seeds are available. You must know them and their benefits before getting your cannabis seed.

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