Texada Timewarp

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World's Famous Texada Timewarp Bud. The original from the Vancouver Islands, Texada Islands landrace.


Texada Timewarp is an outdoor only favourite and a must-have strain for BC growers. It is bred to be hardy and a low maintenance strain that can be planted a bit later in the season as she grows fast. She’s a good choice if you’re a bit late getting your seeds intot he ground this grow season. She produces light green, spear shaped buds, growing around 10′ tall if the weather is good that season. She’s a heavy producer that will please your taste buds.

Lemony, Piney flavour, good yield and very body and mind stoney. The high is intense and long in duration.

Harvest outdoor Very, very ond of Sept First week of Oct

70% Sativa – 30% Indica

Grown on the Island of Texada, British Columbia.

Yield Outdoors 850 Grams per plant

Yield Indoors : Don’t try to grow indoors, she’s too tall at 10′


  • Texada Timewarp Buds - 9.6/10


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