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Purple Haze (aka Grape Haze) originated in BC when THC Seeds found a wild strange looking grape female in a crop of the Californian Haze strain. Normally purple and blue phenotype only show up when grown in cool climates, yet this Southern Californian showed her unique colors early on, and we know we found a Purple Diamond in the rough.

The odd plant was kept and clones were cultivated and spread creating a clone-only strain. The green chlorophyll no longer masks the purple-blue anthocyanin pigments, which some strains produce. We have preserved the unique Original THC Purple Haze strain and has actually been genetically strengthened by our breeding in British Columbia.

She is gorgeous, a kaleidoscope of deep rich hues and sparkly resin, and its leaf structure shows its Sativa properties.

Sour Grape Haze has a mild and clear high that is well suited to daytime smoking and great for lightweights. I expect to see this strain more often in coming years, as she is a joy to grow and a massive yielder. Expect harvest time outdoors to be late in October, while indoors she will finish after approximately 60 days of flowering.


THC:  22%
Yield Indoors:  440 g/m2
Yield Outdoors:  430 g/m2
Yield Greenhouse:  440 g/m2
Genetics:  California Haze Which Turned purple then Bred in BC
Cloning:  Moderately difficult
Height:  Tall
Flowering Indoors Hydro:  75 Days
Flowering Indoors Soil:  80 Days
Flowering Outdoors:  End of Ocober
Flowering Greenhouse:  1st week November
Medical Uses:  Cancer Patients Felling Low, Pain relief, stress relief, motivat
Smoke Heaviness:  Light
Flavour:  Plum and Candy
Plant Odor:  Low/Medium
Grow’s Indoor:  Yes
Grow’s Outdoors:  Yes, 8 Pounds per plant
Grow’s in Greenhouse:  Yes
Grow Difficulty:  Medium
Regular Seeds:  Yes
Shipping:  Worldwide
Pest Resistant:  Yes
Heat and Drought Resistant:  somewhat
Wind Resistant:  yes
Mold Resistant:  yes
Cold Weather/High Altitude:  no
Time Stoned 1-3 small Tokes:  140 min
Time Stoned 5 tokes +:  260 min
Type of Stone:  Euphoric, joyous and adventurous

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  1. Ben Goldstein

    This was my first time smoking a sativa strain and met me tell you its night and day compared to indica. I felt energized and really buzzed, buzzed full of energy. I love it.

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