Northern Lights

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Northern Lights is a heavy producer for indoor growers, renowned for its ability to be grown very easily and a strain that finished quickly. The strain’s reputation also comes from the fact that it has won many awards.


One of the most famous of the Indica strains that look more like a Sativa and has an extremely powerful soaring high not typical of any other Indica known to man. Many wonderful stains share its heritage, as she is stable and an exotically potent Indica.


Its resin is saturated with huge sticky buds. She grows well outdoors as well.


Through selective breeding we have succeeded in developing one of the most powerful plants in the world. Northern Lights Marijuana is highly adapted to indoor growing, compact, powerful, good yield and has exceptional resin production. She has lots of dark orange, almost red hairs. Saturated in crystals. Stunning. When it’s covered in snowy crystals of resin, it’s ready to harvest.


When sparked up, you will have feelings of euphoria and relaxation, a very mellow but a heavy head and body stone. You will remain alert and focused with your mind running a mile a minute provoking creative thoughts. Great for games, creating art, watching movies, reading and other mentally enveloping hobbies. Certainly one of the best music lisening experiences. Your head feels very light and clear never heavy and cloudy could smoke it all day and never get bogged down.


THC:  27.8%
Yield Indoors:  580 g/m2
Yield Outdoors:  565 g/m2
Yield Greenhouse:  540 g/m2
Genetics:  Indica
Cloning:  Easy
Height:  Short/Medium
Flowering Indoors Hydro:  38-44 Days
Flowering Indoors Soil:  45 Days
Flowering Outdoors:  Mid-Late September
Flowering Greenhouse:  End of September
Medical Uses:  Stress, Appetite stimulation, pain, anxiety, Insomnia, appetite
Smoke Heaviness:  Medium
Flavour:  Pine sol fresh, zesty lemon-lime
Plant Odor:  Medium
Grow’s Indoor:  Yes
Grow’s Outdoors:  Yes
Grow’s in Greenhouse:  Yes
Grow Difficulty:  Very Easy
Regular Seeds:  Yes
Shipping:  Worldwide
Trophy Winner:  Yes
Pest Resistant:  Yes
Heat and Drought Resistant:  no
Wind Resistant:  Yes
Mold Resistant:  Yes
Cold Weather/High Altitude:  No
Time Stoned 1-3 small Tokes:  120 Minutes
Time Stoned 5 tokes +:  220 Minutes
Type of Stone:  euphoria and relaxation

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