Ice is basically famous for extreme THC levels, complete brain fry high that leaves you too lazy to maybe even play video games, or just fried enough, games are the only thing you can focus on. It is also famous for pain relief, chronic severe pain.

The original Ice is from Nepal and crossed with a secret white strain, not white widow, and there is no skunk in her genetics.

Her smoke burned so hot and was so heavy, it induce painful coughing, and it was too hard my lungs, so I decided to breed out the lung damaging effects starting back in 1994, trying not to change the strains bud or characteristics. Well, it’s now 2013, and finally after almost 20 years of breeding, we are releasing our new easy on your lungs Ice bud.

Our Ice is an Nepal Indica crossed with an Afghani Hash mixed with a Secret White Rhino Hybrid with concentration on a specific Sativa phenotype to smooth out the smoke without changing the high.

Its flowers are intensely covered with white crystals, even more than the 1994 strain we bred.

Ice is excellent for hydroponic growing.

The smoke is sweet and the stone very heavy.

It’s an excellent commercial strain due to the fact it remains short, buds are big and dense. The stone is very potent, just one hit will have you on the couch.


THC:  29.8%
Yield Indoors:  950 g/m2
Yield Outdoors:  815 g/m2
Yield Greenhouse:  855 g/m2
Genetics:  Nepal Indica crossed with an Afghani Hash mixed with a Secret White Widow
Cloning:  Easy
Height:  Short
Flowering Indoors Hydro:  7 weeks
Flowering Indoors Soil:  7 1/2 weeks
Flowering Outdoors:  3rd week October
Flowering Greenhouse:  end of October
Medical Uses:  Pain
Smoke Heaviness:  Medium, was very heavy till 2013 release
Flavour:  Sweet, Hashy
Plant Odor:  Medium
Grow’s Indoor:  Yes
Grow’s Outdoors:  Yes
Grow’s in Greenhouse:  Yes
Grow Difficulty:  Easy
Regular Seeds:  Yes
Shipping:  Worldwide
Trophy Winner:  Yes
Pest Resistant:  Yes, but deer love them during flowering
Heat and Drought Resistant:  No
Wind Resistant:  Yes
Mold Resistant:  Yes, very
Cold Weather/High Altitude:  Medium Altitude, Medium Cold
Time Stoned 1-3 small Tokes:  120 Minutes-small doses make you talkative
Time Stoned 5 tokes +:  240 Minutes Wheelchaired
Type of Stone:  Instant Couchlock Stone

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