Hawaiian Snow

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Super-sticky buds, with a fantastic hazy smell and taste. It boasts MONSTER THC content and massive yields beyond 900 gr/sq.m. Tall and branchy, she will produce a few pounds per plant outdoors if you let her get big


With 26.5% THC, this is the most popular haze strain available. Powerful creative high and a delightfully smooth yet somewhat controlled euphoric high that will have your body on the Moon and your mind in the stars and beyond. A heavy thinking stone that is great for Philosophers or intellectual conversations with friends or random strangers. A very sociable high that will get you talking and make you more extroverted.


Hawaiian Snow being a haze, she is popular for her light fresh taste and radiant soaring high. Unfortunately commercial growers avoid this master piece because they require more care and patience than the usual fast flowering Indica’s.


Hawaiian Snow’s lengthy ripening time confines her indoors except in the most favourable sub-tropical and tropical  climates.


Tall and branchy, she should be grown indoors under 18 hours of light for a short vegetative period. Hawaiian Snow’s size and slow flowering make her unsuitable for sea of green setups.


Hawaiian Snow needs a big pot of soil with a low acid content (pH of 6.0). Flowering takes 9-13 weeks.


Hawaiian Snow grows in a pine-tree profile, with wide distances between internodes. Topping her elongates her branches and is very counterproductive. Yet bending achieves results. Her slim leaves will begin as a bright green, then darkening during the flowering stage. Her buds are long and compact with big calyxes, profuse hairs and a lovely heavy dusting of sugar coating of resin.


Hawaiian Snow’s rich spicy Sativa taste leaves some mint freshness behind on exhale. A complex mix of aromas and flavours including eucalyptus, lemon grass and a hint of musk and green moss. As the flavour fades from your tastebuds, her high begins to reveal. Your body stays alert while your mood and thoughts enter  freethinking and a sense of wellbeing. It is a lovely social high that lowers tensions in groups with new members and incites controlible laughter.




Yield Indoors: 

900 + g/m2

Yield Outdoors: 

3-5 Pounds per plant

Yield Greenhouse: 

3-5 Pounds per plant


Hawaiian X Laos


Medium Difficulty


Tall and Branchy (wide)

Flowering Indoors Hydro: 

9-12 weeks

Flowering Indoors Soil: 

13 weeks

Flowering Outdoors: 

End of October

Flowering Greenhouse: 

first week November

Medical Uses: 

Anti-depressant, minor pain relief

Smoke Heaviness: 



eucalyptus, lemon grass and a hint of musk and green moss

Plant Odor: 

Light, hazy

Grow’s Indoor: 


Grow’s Outdoors: 


Grow’s in Greenhouse: 


Grow Difficulty: 

Medium Skill level, seeds need warmth to germ

Regular Seeds: 




Trophy Winner: 


Pest Resistant: 


Heat and Drought Resistant: 


Wind Resistant: 


Mold Resistant: 


Cold Weather/High Altitude: 


Time Stoned 1-3 small Tokes: 

75 Minutes

Time Stoned 5 tokes +: 

150 minutes

Type of Stone: 

Easy Going Creeper

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  1. Dylan Douglas

    Speedy head high and moderate yields that are good for a sativa hybrid.

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