About THC Seeds

THC Seeds Company welcomes you to our peaceful seed bank. All the famous marijuana seed breeder's come from Vancouver Island, BC.

Born in Cannabis

Our breeder is no different. He was actually born in a field of marijuana back in the early 60's. His mother was tending multiple gardens when she suddenly went into labour.

Cannabis Everything

When he was just a baby, his parents made him a cannabis baby carousel. As a toddler, his walls were covered in pot leaves, as were his beddings and clothing.

Cannabis is Normal

He was comfortable around the smell of cannabis, and the surroundings of intelligent Physicists, Botanists and Doctors. THC Seeds' founder was socialized enjoying cannabis.

Growing From a Young Age

He learned to grow marijuna from the age of three, spending his childhood with his mother and her breeding projects. As a teenager, he began to study horticulture and everyone in his life guided him toward the top University for Botany and Plant Pathology.

His studies took him deep into cannabis, cannabinoids and marijuana gentics, and he obtained his PHD in the very early 90's. And that's when he started his life long career breeding cannabis seeds for his company THC Seeds.