2023’s Best autoflower seeds: top 10+ high-yielding auto-flowering strains (high thc)

Autoflowering cannabis hybrids are popular for many reasons, such as their fast growth, easy growing process, independence from the photoperiod, short length, and tough genetics. If you are looking to grow a cannabis strain that you can harvest more than once in each growing season, then you need a fast-breeding Sativa or Indica strain. Autoflowering strains can predict successfully grown weed plants that will produce perfect and high THC-yielding weeds. The following are high-yielding autoflower hybrids that you can grow in 2023.

1. Northern Lights

Northern lights cannabis

Northern Lights strains are auto-flowering hybrids with 90% India dominance in their genetic makeup. Northern Lights Ruderalis is their parent plant, and they contain 14% THC and less CBD. You can grow and harvest this plant within 10 weeks. Northern Lights Ruderalis grows better in cold and mild climates, making it an easy plant to grow in an outdoor environment. You can also cultivate them indoors because of their short length. They can reach up to 120 cm in height when bred indoors and up to 160 cm in outdoor settings. The Northern Lights strain yields in perfect condition, and you can experience tons of buds in one harvest. They also generate a great high from smoking.

2. Moby Dick

Moby Dick is Sativa-dominant up to 70%. Its parents’ name is White Widow, and it contains THC levels up to 13–17% and a high CBD concentration. Moby Dick is a durable hybrid with high performance that is resilient beyond a vast range of weather conditions. This fast-growing strain produces compact resin buds in both indoor and outdoor environments.

However, if you are growing them outdoors, they thrive better in intense sunlight and yield stronger plants. They can grow to 130 cm in outdoor environments while remaining small in indoor breeding. Growers can expect a quality harvest after 75 days from their germination.

3. Auto Mazar

Auto Mazer is an Indica-dominant auto-flowering strain with a ruderalis background. They have moderate amounts of THC, but their CBD level is not known. Auto Mazer is a tough auto-flowering cannabis hybrid that grows rapidly in perfect conditions. They allow growers to experience fantastic harvests because of their resilience. They grow well in a variety of growing mediums, including hydroponic and soil systems. You can grow automazar in an outdoor and indoor environment, as they naturally display great outcomes in greenhouse breeding. Auto Mazar can be grown and harvested within 10 weeks of germination.

4. Critical Kush

Critical Kush is 90% Indica-dominant, with the parent name Critical Kush Ruderalis. They have medium THC and unknown CBD levels. The strain is a crossbreed of Critical Kush with advanced traits. It is an Indica hybrid that can cause a heavy and pleasant high when smoking it because of its relaxing properties, like ruderalis. Critical Kush is simple to grow and maintain in both indoor and outdoor environments. When grown indoors, it can reach 80 cm. The size and height can remain the same in outdoor breeding.

5. Green Poison

Their genetic trait is 60% Indica-dominant, with the parent name Big Devil 2 or Green Poison. They are high in THC, up to 20%, and CBD, up to 0.6%. Green Poison is a highly-rated cannabis mix of Sativa, Indica, and ruderalis traits. The hybrid is the outcome of crossbreeding Green Poison and Big Devil 2 with Green Poison. You will experience a heavy and prolonged high when you smoke Green Poison auto-flowering.

The auto-flowering cannabis strain is a perfect option for weed growers who want consistent harvests with fast-growing weeds. They are compact and short in height, allowing for discreet cultivation, reaching a length of 60 cm indoors and 100 cm outdoors. You can expect a quality harvest after 8 weeks of growing Green Poison auto-flowering cannabis.

6. Pure Power Plant

Pure-power plants are equally composed of Indica and Sativa. The auto-flowering cannabis strain has two parent names: ruderalis and Pure Power Plant. Their CBD content is unknown, but their THC level is medium. They can grow in coco, hydroponic, and soil setups and are tolerant of both indoor and outdoor conditions. They can grow to be 60 cm tall indoors and 100 cm tall outside. The plant yields a good harvest within 50 days after it has germinated.

7. Critical+ 2.0

It is genetically made up of Indica-dominant auto-flowering strains. The parent’s name is Critical+. This strain contains moderate THC and lower CBD levels. It has a small stature that makes it perfect for stealth growers. However, they produce bountiful yields after 80 days of nurturing. They thrive in tough climate conditions and can grow up to 130 cm in height outdoors, with shorter heights when grown indoors.

8. Big Bang

Big Bang Cannabis

The Big Bang is an 80% Indica-dominant auto-flowering marijuana strain El Nino, Ruderalis, Skunk, and Northern Lights are some of their parent names. The amount of THC is medium, and that of CBD is unknown. They produce a sweet, flowery fragrance that can make you feel relaxed, high, and calm. The strain is bulky and bushy and can tolerate different climate conditions. You can grow them properly in both indoor and outdoor spaces. However, the strain is stinky, and stealth growers might need help growing them secretly.

9. Pineapple Punch GENETICS

Pineapple Punch is an auto-flowering Indica-dominant hybrid with the parent strains Grapefruit, Pineapple, and Rudealis. It has a very high THC concentration, and CBD is not known. They grow easily in outdoor and indoor settings to a height of 50 to 80 cm. Growers of pineapple punch can have a great yield within 80 days of its germination.

10. Nevil Bilbo

Nevil Bilbo is a Sativa-dominant auto-flowering cannabis strain with the parent strains Northern Lights and Neville’s Haze. Their THC concentration is medium, and the amount of CBD in them is unknown. Nevil Bilbo auto-flowering marijuana is a strain obtained by crossing Neville’s Haze and Northern Lights.

The strain produces a pleasant fragrance and offers an agile cerebral high, which can make a smoker pump more energy into creative work. Nevil Bilbo auto-flowering cannabis can thrive in outdoor and indoor settings. In outdoor cultivation, it can grow to a height of 180 cm, and you can harvest it within 70 days of germination.


If you want to become a weed grower, all you need is the right information. Work through the list of auto-flowering strains here to know which one is convenient for you to grow.

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