THC Seeds America's Best Seed Bank Since 2001

THC Seeds America's Best Seed Bank and one if the oldest. We have been serving up our premium stable cannabis genetics since we first opened our store on Dec 20th, 2001.

Canada's pioneer cannabis seeds bank

THC Seeds is Canada's pioneer in cannabis breeding. All the best breeders in the world come from Vancouver Island, BC and THC Seeds is no different. We're proud to still be the leaders in stable genetics used around the entire world for sophisticated breeding projects. Grow from THC Seeds and grow the most stable and delicious strains you can inhale.

Tastiest treats

We've Mastered the cannabinoid profile to bring you the best strains for making delicious edibles. So get your orders in today to acquire the best seeds you can find shipping to the USA, Australia and around the world.

Quality Over Quantity

We may not offer you thousands of strains, but we offer you stable strains with the highest THC levels. We also have high CBD strains. Each strain is consistent and professionally bred.

We're sure you'll be happy with your purchase, we guarantee it!

Breeding Since Very Young Age

Breeding since a very young age, the owner of THC Seeds is your master marijuana breeder.

He has won too many award to count and is probably the best cannabis seed breeder in the world.

Please enjoy the greener side of life responsibly.